Knight Frank Real Estate Company

Knight Frank is a real estate company located in Singapore. It was established in 1940 and has a vast experience that spans up to seventy-eight (78) years across public and private sectors both locally and internationally. The company’s headquarters is in London from where it has reached sixty (60) locations and five hundred and twenty-three (523) offices worldwide making it possible for a wide range of customers to access their services. Knight Frank is the real estate agency for the collective sale of Mayfair Gardens. It is now called Mayfair Modern by Oxley Holdings.

Knight Frank Real Estate Company

The real estate company is focused on building long-term relationships with clients that ensures that every client gets a property that not only suits their needs but is also satisfying. The services provided by the real estate company include property asset management, consultancy and research, investment services, office advisory that helps you decide on the proper indices for leasing your office space, provision of residential property, retail solutions, property valuation and auction services. The company helps you reach an informed decision on all your property concerns. It offers professional advice that can help you meet your goals faster and more correctly. You can easily find a property to buy whether you are looking for a commercial property or a residential property using Knight Frank.

Portfolio of Real Estate Properties by Knight Frank

The real estate company has topmost of the finest properties in the world. Whether it is luxury or business you are looking for, there is something for you here in this company. In its efforts to offer more value, Knight Frank provides valuations and project marketing for clients who want to develop their property. They also offer property asset management services and have been described as one of the largest in the world with a portfolio of one hundred and thirty (130) strata-titled developments and commercial space of up to six million square feet. Their key projects include Nassim Park Residences, Thomson Plaza, BreadTalk IHQ and so on.

Knight Frank Global Investment and Global Markets

The company also offers invaluable insight into global capital markets operations with its global investment network of advisors who are both dedicated and professional. This service which is targeted at investors from around the world represents these investors, advises them and coordinates their investment decisions. Such investment decisions can include cross-border investment strategies. With a dedicated staff to handle these strategies, the real estate company allows its client to enjoy access to its market intelligence acquired through its five hubs in London, Asia Pacific, Middle East and the Americas. Thus, the client can be sure that his cross-border strategies will be implemented in alignment with the current market realities.

The company can help you buy property overseas without the necessity of you being present and they have offices located in sixty (60) countries which means that they are present in these countries and which is designed to keep your mind at rest.

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