Hwa Chong Junior College

The Hwa Chong Junior College is located in Singapore, on Bukit Timah Road, and is the second largest college in the city, with about one thousand students, 10 laboratories and 24 classrooms, and the first to be supported by government support.The College was founded in 1974 by Tan Keong Choon, a well-known businessman and leader of the board of directors of Chinese High School, and the project in question was estimated at about 2 million U.S. dollars, half of the funds required for its implementation were funded by the SCCCI. Hwa Chong Junior College is located near to Mayfair Modern Condo by Roxy Pacific Holdings

Hwa Chong Junior College at Bukit Timah Road

After consulting with each other and the community several times, the project leaders, misgranted by them, informed the government that they could not complete the initial project, which included the construction of ten buildings, due to financial constraints.only two buildings were forced to complete.one building housed the Chinese High School, the other the Hwa Chong Institution.due to the lack of funds, there was a merger of the two, named Hwa Chong Junior College.

661 Bukit Timah Road Hwa Chong Junior College

The first lesson in the new college was on January 2, 1974, and on June 14 of the same year, the lessons began to be given on a permanent basis to 661 Bukit Timah Road, and in 1981 it became the first Junior College to offer the humanities course in Singapore, with over a thousand students and a hundred employees, Hwa College was the first in Singapore in terms of the number of students enrolled. The heart of the college is undoubtedly the well-stocked library, which includes a multi-purpose hall, capable of accommodating up to 500 students, ten scientific laboratories and two modern and well-equipped gyms, as well as pre-university classes. during the first years of activity, until the reform of the education system in 1982, the College offered pre-university courses not only in Chinese but also in English.

Committee of Hwa Chong Junior College

In 1986, due to the disastrous collapse of the nearby Hotel New World, the school committee ordered an inspection of the building structures, and following the breakage of the walls at various points, on May 8, 1987 the Hwa Chong Junior College moved temporarily, and the following year, with the help of the Ministry of Education, which covered 80{cca8ea31ccc2a335c350530c86b29f0d3ca47c1028c705b8a51b84f5eb1c8152} of the costs, the renovation work began, during which lessons were held at the Ngee Ann Polythecnic.The campus still houses the largest and most well-stocked middle school library in the city, and a notable feature is that the College uniform was entirely designed by a Malaysian student, who graduated in 1975, and is one of the main icons of Hwa.The importance and prestige of this College make the surrounding area very coveted, especially families with children in school age can take advantage of accommodation nearness, so if you are interested in buying / renting a property in this area you can contact one of the Real Estate present in the city.

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