Rifle Range Road Bukit Timah

Following the opening of the Windsor Nature Park, Rifle Range Road is going to be one of the busiest roads in Singapore. The Park that was opened in April 24th has attracted so many visitors in the last few months.

If you are a fan of trails then you will definitely enjoy the three new trails around the park including the Hanguana Trail. This trail was named after a plant that was recently discovered and can only be found in Singapore. The new Mayfair Modern condo is located at Rifle Range Road by Roxy Pacific Holdings.

Rifle Range Road at Windsor Nature Park

The length of Rifle Range Road cannot be mentioned without mentioning the size of Windsor Nature Park. Several meters above the ground lies a 150m long walkway.

Over the last two years, most trails in Singapore’s major parks have been repaired. New trails were also added in order to make the parks longer and more fun. The total length has been increased from 2.2km to 3.85kms. This is one the best things that have ever happened to the history of trails in Singapore. Rifle Range Road has been one miracle most people who visit these parks can attest to.

Natural Terrain at Rifle Range Road

The new trails are made in a way that they not only provide ease for trailers. For instance, some of the new ones are raised broad walks. This is to avoid compaction of tree roots thereby providing a great experience to the visitors. The trails are basically based on natural terrains. On the other hand, there lies a marsh habitat which was created and planted so that it provides an additional wetland in the park. This also ensures there’s biodiversity in the Park.

There are so many species in the park including 56 species of dragonfly and freshwater fauna such as a masked-rough sided frog.

Rifle Range Road Bukit Timah

More than 500 trees were also planted in the park to enhance biodiversity.

After the opening of the Windsor Park by the minister for of state for home affairs and national development, there seems to be hope for other new parks cropping up soon.

Mr. Desmond Lee announced that plans are underway for the Rifle Range Nature Park. This will act as a buffer park to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The Park will open in 2020. It is estimated that it will be around 67 hectares and will also include fresh water for wet fauna land.

Rifle Range Nature Park will also be a great link between Beauty World and one of the deepest quarries in Singapore, the Sin Seng Quarry.