Amenities Near to Bukit Timah Road

Bukit Timah road is one of Singapore major roads which extend from the city to the woodland road on your way to Johor Bahru. This road is one of the oldest roads which was built in the year 1845. The road extends about 25km. The infrastructure along this road is well established since there are pre-sense of very vital amenities like hospitals, schools, food centres, transport stations, shopping centres and also business structures that make the road to be one of the developed roads in Singapore. A note that Bukit Timah Road is located near to the upcoming Mayfair Garden Condo Near to Bukit Timah Road and King Albert Park MRT Station.

Amenities Near to Bukit Timah Road

Newton food centre, Anglo Chinese School, the six avenue MRT station, Methodist girl’s school and Balmoral plaza are some of the essential landmarks along the Bukit Timah Road. This article will centre on real estates along this road. Why is it important to acquire a real estate along this road and other factors that you should consider while selecting a real estate along Bukit Timah road.

Real Estate Located near to Bukit Timah Road

Real estate can be defined as the land, resources and the structures on it. There is four major type of real estate, the commercial, industrial, residential real estate and the land that contain no structures. Acquiring one of this require you to put some factors into consideration. One of them is the location of the real estate, the infrastructure surrounding it and other various factors like the cost and so on. The location is a very essential factor to put into consideration. This makes the real estates along the Bukit Timah road to be one of the best choices.

Transportation Near to Bukit Timah Road

Real estate along this road are well affected positively by the resources and amenities along the road. Amenities like a hospital, high-level institution, schools, food centres and business structure are an indication that the location of the real estate is well established and this is one location that one should consider. The development and the infrastructure along this road have led many investors to prefer investing along it. The transport along this road is convenient since there is an MRT station that offers transportation to the people of Singapore besides the road being one means of transportation. Acquiring a real estate can be quite a task but those along this road are well catered for by the agencies that specialize in real estates. Therefore you only need to communicate with the agencies whenever you want one.

In conclusion, acquiring a real estate whether it is a commercial one, a residential or even one for an industrial purpose at the Bukit Timah road will never disappoint you since all the requirement of a location that a real estate requires are well catered for along this road.

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